in Nucleic Acid Therapeutics for Human Health


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Skin Whitening

  • Freckles are areas of your skin that contain high levels of melanin which often appear on the face of women. Tyrosinase, most commonly used inhibitor of melanin, is generally used to treat pigmented skin.
    Although tyrosinase is effective on cell strain and prevention of pigmentation, it brings the risk of browning and skin toxicity which makes it difficult to be used safely and effectively.


Market Potential

  • Skin whitening products are exponentially growing in the global market, especially in the Asia market
  • Global market is estimated to be worth about $ 10 B in 2015
    Expected to grow to approx. about $ 32.3 B by 2024
    (source: Global industry Analysts 2018)


└ Suppression of melanin production by knocking down Tyrosinase production  

Government Funding

  • "Technology Innovation Program for SMC" from SMBA granted : $ 1M / 2 years(2013.06~2015.08)
    * SMBA : Small and Medium Business Association (