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Asymmetric siRNA

OliX’s proprietary RNAi triggering molecule which can efficiently internalize and silence a target gene without any delivery vehicles.

To develop gene silencing therapy using RNA interference mechanism, it is critical to effectively deliver RNAi triggering molecules (siRNA or asiRNA) inside cells where target mRNA is located. However, due to the large size and negative charges of RNA molecules, efficient RNA delivery into cells is technically challenging, and remains as a significant hurdle for the development of RNAi therapeutics.

The most widely used delivery method is to generate complex between RNA molecule and cationic liposome/polymers. However, cationic delivery vehicles can exert various types of toxicity by interacting with negatively charged cell surface or nonspecifically interacting with proteins in the human body.

cp-asiRNA is a proprietary RNAi triggering structure developed by OliX, which can efficiently internalize and knock-down target gene silencing without any transfection reagents. cp-asiRNA shows highly efficient delivery into hard-to-transfect cells including primary cells and suspension cells, and also has been tested for its superb gene silencing activity in animal models.

Because cp-asiRNA can induce gene silencing via simple local administration into organs such as skin and eye without requiring special formulation or instrument, we believe cp-asiRNA is so far the most effective and facile technology for therapeutic development targeting various diseases with unmet needs.

▼ cp-asiRNA (cell-penetrating asiRNA)  

  • cp-asiRNAs are novel, chemically modified asymmetric RNAi compounds.
  • No delivery vehicles required
  • Can use both in vitro and in vivo without transfection reagents


  • Patent for “Self-delivering Asymmetric siRNA” registered in Korea, Japan, China, US and Europe
  • Self-delivering siRNA patented in Korea, Japan, China, US and Europe