in Nucleic Acid Therapeutics for Human Health


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CEO / CSO Dong ki Lee Ph.D. Cornell University
Professor, Global Research Laboratory(GRL) for RNAi Medicine,
Sungkyunkwan University
SVP / Regulatory Affair Shin Young Park Ph.D. Seoul National University
Diplomate of American Board of Toxicologist(DABT), USA
Korea Institute of Toxicology(KIT)
Strategy / Clinical Development David Lee B.S. in Biology, KAIST
MBA, Sejong-Syracuse Univ.
Janssen Korea, Pfizer Korea
COO Chung Gil kang M.S. in Management Science, KAIST
Kumho Asiana Group, Power Logics
L&S Venture Capital
Research Director Sun Woo Hong Ph.D. POSTECH
Research Professor, Dongguk University
Research Fellow, Sungkyunkwan University
Eye Research Center Director Young Hee Kim Ph.D. Kyeongsang University
Research Professor, Univ. of Virginia

Scientific Advisory Board

Jayakrishna Ambati Professor, Vice Chair for Research, and Director of the Center
for Advanced Vision Science, Virginia University School of Medicine
(Macular Degeneration)
Demetrios G. Vavvas, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at HARVARD Medical School
Co-Director at Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary (MEEI) 
Monte J Wallace Ophthalmology Chair in Retina
Ophthalmology(Macular Degeneration, Retina)
John Lis Professor, Cornell University
Member of National Academy of Sciences
Gene Expression,
Samir Mitragotri Professor, Harvard University Skin biology,
Transdermal delivery
Hye-Won Chung Professor, Konkuk University Ophthalmology
(Retina & Vitreous, Uveitis,
Retinopathy of Prematurity)