in Nucleic Acid Therapeutics for Human Health

Management Philosophy

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  • Contribute to the happiness and health of mankind.


  • Acquire Korea’s first approval for RNAi drugs and become one of world’s top 3 RNAi pharma companies by 2025.
  • Business

    Become one of world top 3 nucleic acid companies in
    terms of market capitalization.

    Partner with global pharmaceutical companies after clinical trial phase 1 or 2

    Continue expansion of pipeline for long-term and indication based on siRNA platform.

  • Competency

    Acquire clinical approval and market scar medication in the world’s major markets.

    Become Korea’s no. 1 advanced researched center for biomedical technology.

    Create high-quality jobs for outstanding bio talents.


  • Accelerate development of new medicines through world’s best nucleic acid medicine technology and selecting realistic target diseases
  • People[인류공헌]

    Provide new hope for patients with incurable diseases and furthermore, attain humanity health and happiness.

  • Integrity[정도경영]

    Motivate employees to take pride and confidence by becoming a company respected by its shareholders and the society through technology and services according to strict moral principle “We do not take shortcuts if it is not the right way.”

  • Challenge[도전혁신]

    Provide unlimited support to challenging and innovative employees who are willing to take new paths instead of following general or successful practices.

  • Excellence[최고지향]

    Thrive to be come a global leading company and maximize the company value by developing the best talents and technologies

Growth Strategy

  • Accelerated new RNAi drug development by combining world-class oligonucleotides technology and realizable selection of target diseases