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OliX is a clinical stage biotechnology company, based on our own proprietary
RNA interference (RNAi) technology regulating the expression of disease-causing genes.

Since the discovery of a RNAi technology, it has been widely recognized as the third drug development platform after small molecule and protein(antibody) drugs, which is now changing the paradigm of a therapeutic development.

Based on the cutting edge technology, OliX is the first Asian RNAi therapeutics company having own proprietary RNAi structure and securing “freedom-to-operate”. Especially, OliX’s cp-asiRNA technology,
a proprietary RNAi triggering structure, offers a simple and elegant solution for the intracellular delivery of asiRNA with minimized adverse effects.
Currently, OliX is focusing on developing RNAi therapeutics for dermal, ophthalmic and pulmonary diseases, which can be locally administered, to achieve drug development in shorter time with less cost.

After all, for the general welfare of human beings, OliX is constantly endeavoring to become a leader in the global biotechnology industry by solidification and innovation of our technology and extension of our therapeutics area even to the undruggable diseases.

Thank you very much for all the support to OliX.

CEO Dong-ki Lee