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About OliX

CEO Message

OliX Pharmaceuticals

is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company developing therapeutics
against a variety of disorders based on its proprietary RNAi technology.


Since the discovery of RNA interference technology, RNAi has been widely recognized as the third drug development platform, after small molecule and protein (antibody) drugs. It is now changing the paradigm of therapeutic development.

OliX’s cp-asiRNA technology, our proprietary RNAi triggering structure, offers a simple and elegant solution for the intracellular delivery of asiRNA with minimized adverse effects. Currently, OliX is developing locally administrable RNAi therapeutics for dermal, ophthalmic, and pulmonary diseases at a lower cost and shorter time. We have also secured GalNAc-asiRNA to target various liver diseases.

Beginning with a license and collaboration agreement on our ophthalmic program OLX301A (2019), we recently signed an expanded agreement with Théa Open Innovation on OLX301A and OLX301D (2020), being recognized again as a global RNAi therapeutics company.

For the general welfare of human beings, OliX has been and will constantly endeavor to become a leader in the worldwide biotechnology industry.

Thank you for your support and interest in OliX Pharmaceuticals.

CEO Dong-ki Lee